Demi Moore på sjukhus. Miley ber för henne

Miley Cyrus is worried about her LOL co-star, Demi Moore, who was hospitalized on Monday night. The former Disney star bonded with her on-screen mother, and is now concerned for her health and safety.

Demi was rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure, and is reportedly being treated for exhaustion, substance abuse, and anorexia. (Did you see that one coming?) Sources close to Miley are revealing that the singer is praying for her former co-star, and wishing her the best.

“Miley has heard about Demi’s troubles and feels really bad. She is praying for her,” said one insider. This makes the second Demi in Cyrus’ life to enter treatment for drug problems, and an eating disorder. (Friend, Demi Lovato, made headlines for her problems in 2010.)

Hopefully, Miley Cyrus is taking notice on what Hollywood can do to a celebrity, and staying clear of all the negative people, and substances. Perhaps, boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, is helping her with that! Here’s to a speedy recovery for Demi Moore!

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