Mer med Miley

Megan Park kommer jobba mer med Miley?
.“I do [have a future film coming with Miley Cyrus] called So Undercover.Tha
t was probably the most fun four months of my entire life. We had too much fun. I look back I’m like, did we make a movie? Oh, yeah. I forgot because we just had so much fun the whole time. It was great. We were in such a magical city and to be there for that long and working with Miley and Kelly Osborne and Eloise Mumford. It was basically just all girls all the time. There was an actor Josh Bowman who is in it but he only came at the end so basically it was just a bunch of girls by ourselves the whole time. We all were staying together and we went to sorority boot camp because we’re in a sorority but the real sorority up in Baton Rouge, and we had so much fun. It did not seem like work, and by the time it was all over I couldn’t believe that we made a movie because we had so much fun. But we did so hopefully, people like the movie too.”


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