Selena dansar till Miley

It doesn’t matter where Selena Gomez lands, she knows how to have a good time! The “Bang Bang Bang” singer was spotted by at the Luis Muñoz Marín Airport in Puerto Rico on Monday afternoon, dining with her entourage at Tropical D’lights Bar & Grill. Dressed casual and wearing big black sunglasses, Selena was seen bobbing her head and singing along to Miley Cyrus‘ “Party in the USA.”

One waiter at the restaurant gushed about how “sweet” and “beautiful” Selena was. She went pretty much unnoticed until she got up to get on her flight to Panama, where she’ll hit the stage tonight, Jan. 24.

So where was Selena’s guy Justin Bieber? He was there!

As SelGo kicked off her South American tour in Puerto Rico, her beau flew in to surprise her at the gig. After the concert, a Celebuzz insider saw the duo dining together at Pikayo, located inside the Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino. Although the two likely wanted a low-key night alone, the restaurant was buzzing with excitement the entire time they ate.

So is Justin, 17, joining her for the entire tour?

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Postat av: nora

Jag tycker att den här bilden är så fin med Selena och Miley.

2012-01-25 @ 15:51:11

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